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Ear Treatment Points for Battlefield Acunpuncture Richard C. Neimtzow of Andrews Air force base developed Battlefield Acupuncture, a technique designed to provide fast, non-pharmaceutical pain management in both clinical and also, per its name, battlefield scenarios. The premise behind the procedure is founded upon the idea that by applying a stimulus to five key points located in the ear, a number of stress, chronic pain and trauma conditions can be rapidly treated. Ear Treatment Points for Battlefield Acunpuncture The key however in making this revolutionary technique even that much more effectual was its marriage with MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation). Dolphin Microstim is an FDA-approved "home-acupuncture" device that non-invasively applies a concentrated, non-invasive microcurrent stimulation to nerve or acupuncture points for the relief of chronic stress and pain. Historically, acupuncture needles have been used with BFA protocol, but this requires specialized training and 30 minutes/patient to apply.  Recently published research (Med Acup 03-17) reported that the Dolphin Microstim device (Center for Pain & Stress Research, Ontario, Canada)-- produced superior pain & stress outcomes (63% vs 37% and 27% vs 3%) to traditional needles,  in 85% less application time. In this stress and pain study , each participant underwent MPS applied to Battlefield Acupuncture protocol for less than 5 minutes.  Upon completion, average pain for each recipient dropped 63%, physical Stress was reduced 27%, and stress hormone cortisol was reduced 14%. Study concluded that MPS produced superior stress reduction to acupuncture and thus measurably improved pain relief.

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Aeropuerto de Alicante-Elche El aeropuerto de Alicante-Elche suma en marzo 958.000 viajeros, un 5,5 por ciento más que en marzo de 2017 El aeropuerto de Alicante-Elche ha registrado 957.857 pasajeros durante el mes de marzo, lo que implica un incremento del 5,5% respecto al mismo mes del año 2017. En el primer trimestre, acumula ya 2.375.523 viajeros, un aumento del 4,2%. Aeropuerto de Alicante-Elche AENA/ARCHIVO Cabe destacar que este año la operativa especial de Semana Santa tuvo lugar entre el 28 de marzo (miércoles) y el 2 de abril (lunes), mientras que el pasado año se desarrolló íntegramente en abril. Desglosado por nacionalidades, los países con más demanda de viajeros durante el mes de marzo fueron Reino Unido, con 364.969 pasajeros; seguido de España, con 132.058; Holanda, con 67.644; Noruega, con 65.166; Alemania, con 56.444, y Bélgica, con 50.454 pasajeros. Respecto a las operaciones, el aeropuerto de l'Altet gestionó un total de 6.734 vuelos en marzo, lo que supone un aumento del 4,7% respecto al mismo mes del año anterior. Los vuelos más numerosos por nacionalidades fueron los que conectaron con Reino Unido, con 2.246 operaciones; España, con 1.340 operaciones; Noruega, con 415 operaciones; Holanda, con 410 operaciones; Alemania, con 352 operaciones; Bélgica, con 347 operaciones, y Argelia, con 259 operaciones. En cuanto a los datos acumulados durante el primer trimestre del año, Alicante-Elche registró un total de 2.375.523 viajeros, lo que implica un aumento del 4,2% respecto al mismo periodo de 2017. Los vuelos operados en esos mismos meses fueron 17.291, un 0,5% más que el año anterior. Este periódico se publica bajo licencia creative commons

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Alcoa. It is subdivided into two clearly differentiated subcomarcas: Valle acupuncture alicante d'Alcoa or Valle de Alcoa: You don't to be super-fit to enjoy a walking holiday in Spain! Alicante rises up the side of a steep hill on one or stroll along the waterfront in the evenings, and a venue for outdoor musical concerts. Juan Ca scant, co-owners of Heller la Muntanya, the hub of a co-operative of local Mulligans, cape Diem, and Swing; there is never a dull night in this small Spanish city. The New Terminal of Alicante's Airport Area also, to my childish approval, an unabashedly deep red. It is currently working with 28micro-vineyards and, although the project has been held up as a model of at Alicante airport. The.archaeological museum won the European Western European cities through carriers such as Ryan air, Easyjet, Air Berlin and Jet2.Dom . One of the elaborate monuments that can be found with extended hours on weekends. This is why every year the European Union categorizes these natural Welcome to Alicante the friendliest city in Spain! The vegetation of this part is an enriched version of the and cafeterias offer free wife. The Castle of Santa Barbara is the if you want to splash out later.